BCPNP 雇主或工作信息变化后需要通知省移民局吗

对需要雇主担保才能申请的类别(BC 省符合条件的硕博留学生类别除外),在工作和雇主发生变化时需要及时向卑诗省移民局更新信息,包括更换雇主,工作title,工作地点或工作职责,也包括薪酬降低或工作时间减少,或者失业。

Changes In Your Employment Status - BCPNP Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC

If you have been nominated under the International Post-Graduate category of the Skills Immigration stream or the Express Entry BC stream, you do not need to notify the BC PNP of changes in your employment status unless you require a work permit support letter (see Appendix 2).

The BC PNP may consider changes in your employment after you have been nominated if your new position continues to meet the requirements for nomination and if you can demonstrate that you have the ability to economically establish in B.C.

You must report changes in your employment status to the BC PNP. This can include a change of any circumstances which were relevant to the decision to approve the application, or to the conditions imposed on an approval, such as:

  • change of employer, job title, work location, or job duties
  • decrease in wage or decrease in regular scheduled work hours below 30 hours per week
  • loss of employment

Bothyou and youremployer must notify the BC PNP in the event ofany changes in youremployment status. If the change of employment is accepted, the BC PNP will issue a work permit support letter to allow you to obtain a work permit, if necessary.

雇主,职务,职责或工作地点变更时通知 BC PNP

如果发生以下任何情况,您可以通过BCPNP Online提交一份就业提名后变更支持请求:

  • 您已更换雇主
  • 您尚未更改雇主,但您的职位已更改
  • 您尚未更换雇主,但您的工作职责已更改
  • 您尚未更改雇主,但您的工作地点已更改

How to Notify the BC PNP of a Change of Employer, Job Title, Duties or Work Location

You can submit a change of employment post-nomination support request through BCPNP Online if any of the following occur:

  • You have changed employers
  • You have not changed employers, but your job title has changed
  • You have not changed employers, but your job duties have changed
  • You have not changed employers, but your work location has changed

如果发生以下任何情况,您必须通过电子邮件尽快通知BC PNP:

  • 您已被解雇,解雇或以其他方式停止为您的支持雇主工作
  • 您已被降职,请长假,或者企业已关闭或更改所有权
  • 您的正常工作时间减少到每周30小时以下
  • 您的年薪减少了
  • 您的移民身份已更改
  • 您的工作许可申请被拒绝
  • 您的就业或移民情况有任何其他重大变化

You must notify the BC PNP, by e-mail, as soon as possible if any of the following occur:

  • You have been terminated, laid off or have otherwise stopped working for your supporting employer
  • You have been demoted, gone on extended leave, or the business has closed or changed ownership
  • Your regular working hours have decreased below 30 hours per week
  • Your annual wage has decreased
  • Your immigration status has changed
  • You have had a work permit application refused
  • There has been any other material change in your employment or immigration circumstances